About Us

Al Rawdatain Water Bottling Co.KSC(Closed) was founded in November 1980 for the development, execution and management of the production, bottling and marketing of Al Rawdatain water. All the construction and installation works were completed towards the end of 1982 and production and marketing of the " Al Rawdatain Natural Mineral Water " began by early 1983. In the course of the next few years several new products were added, such as 0.5 l bottles , sealed mineral water cups,fluoride added water, carbonated water, five gallon bottles etc. An efficient distribution system supplies the local market such as co-operative societies, private supermarkets, groceries, hotels, restaurants etc. Certain quantities are exported as well. The five gallon bottles are delivered right to the customer. Also a show room has been opened to display and market various water related products such as dispensers (hot and cold) of various designs for the five gallon bottle, high quality water pipes of polypropylene and stainless steel .

The company has also begun supply and installation of water heating systems tailored to the customer requirements for villas and establishments. Quality components such as German stainless steel fittings and pipes are used in such systems which are also pre-wired for ready connection. These features are unique to our systems in the local market. Rawdatain Water Bottling Company is ISO 9002 certified and carries the Kuwait Quality Mark as well.

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