Al-Rawdatain Water

Natural Mineral Water :

Al-Rawdatain Water comes from Kuwait's deep ground, from a natural refinery, to provide you with the rare freshness and purity, thanks to its light balanced minerals.

  • Al-Rawdatain water is considered light and natural water because of the rarity of salts dissolved in it.
  • Its ingredients conform to the approved international specifications, and it is advised for all the uses.
  • It is filled at the same source daily, from Al-Rawdatain field, situated in the North of Kuwait.
  • It is produced daily so you can obtain healthy and pure water with its natural components.
  • All the production and bottling operations are subject to the safety conditions, health and quality requirements and conform to the international specifications of filling mineral water.
  • It is analyzed in many laboratories inside and outside Kuwait, to make sure of its safety and quality.
  • It is filled in bottles made of PET, an environment-friendly material, highly recommended for food products.
  • For the sparkling water, glass bottles are used.
  • The 19 litres bottles are made of a health-
    approved polycarbonate material

General Information:

Most water currently available in the local market is ordinary potable water subject to some chemical processes to remove certain salts, whether by retro osmosis, application of ionic exchange equipment, or particular types of filters.
The market consumer can differentiate various types of potable water such as bottled drinking water, natural water, and the mineral natural water. To illustrate the differences between the waters available in the market, it shall be necessary to elucidate the natural mineral water, which is natural underground water comprising mineral salts naturally soluble therein. That is meeting the international standards of mineral waters, which will be the consumer insurance to buy.

It also shall have definite natural attributes, and no chemical processing will be done to affect the component composition. Restricted requirements are also in place during bottling have been applied under the supervision of international incorporations specialized in execution of studies and analysis of Rawdatain water. Such studies state that periodical sampling from the bottling lines is made semi-hourly for chemical and bacteriological tests of the work and personnel environment, sterilization of machines and place of work, as well as laboratory control of after-manufacturing product.

No batch shall be permitted for marketing unless full assurance of specification meeting is made. The factor distinguished us from the imported mineral waters in the local market is that we have not been affected by the transport and storing factors as water is consumed on day by day basis, and so it maintains quality and natural characteristics.

The bottled drinking water is that consumed as substitute of tap water and purified specifically by the stages of “filtering” or desalination “retro osmosis or removal of ionization by ionic exchange” or purification “by Ozone or Ultra-Violet Rays” and antiseptics such as Chlorine are added for safe drinking.

As to the bottled natural water, it has been taken from springs, artesian wells, or the underground water bearing layers. This type of water shall not be altered by mixing or adding it to water from another source, or removing the soluble salts except for filtration, sterilization by Ozone or Ultra-Violet Rays.

We therefore advise the consumer to chick the label information, and the term “Health Water” or “Bottled Dirking Water” means that such waters are chemically treated and not natural mineral water. Any item bearing such magnificent logo shall meet and comply with the restricted international requirements of natural mineral water. Consumer must be confident that Rawdatain water is the sole local product in the domain of natural mineral water.